About Keno

Keno game originated in China, This game was brought to America at the end of 19 century by Chinese immigrant. At the beginning, People use 80 Chinese characters to play keno game, but in America these characters were instead of 80 Arabic numerals. The word Keno was derived from the Latin and the French word. It means hit 5 numbers from the chosen numbers will win the prize.

Now Keno has became a very popular numeral game in many countries and areas. The normal official game rule is to randomly pick 1-10 numbers from 01-80 numbers. The keno system draws 20 numbers as the result at random. And the computerized keno system calculates all wagers based on the numbers drawn. Usually the official Keno only gives 50% of the wager as the prize.

Keno game introduction:

Keno game is based on the official data in each area, to divide these numbers into different groups and combine them. We provide big/small, odd/even, odds/evens, up tie and down, five ranges, big/small & odd/even parlay, and pearl ball totally 7 categories. Compare to the official game, Keno game has more variable play methods, higher odds, and higher rate of winning prize, We provide more exciting experiences for our valuable members.